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Classic pedicure

A care treatment including a foot bath, shortening, filing and cleaning the toenails and removing the thickened epidermis from the sole of the feet with disposable abrasive cutters.

Price list

  1. 90 zł
  2. Malowanie paznokci lakierem klasycznym + 10 zł

SPA Pedicure

SPA bath and peeling prepare feet for the next stage of care. The mask and balm with vitamins well nourishes and regenerates the skin of the feet. A paraffin bath, which creates a kind of occlusion, makes the feet light and smooth, and our body regains internal comfort and balance. The treatment can be finished with the application of classic or hybrid varnish.

Effects after the procedure

  1. smoothing and regenerating the feet, nourishing, intensive hydration of the skin
  2. lightening of discoloration, improving blood circulation and oxygenation of tissues

Price list

  1. 120 zł
  2. + malowanie lakierem klasycznym + 10 zł
  3. + malowanie lakierem hybrydowym + 20 zł

Hybrid pedicure

A care treatment involving shortening, filing and cleaning the toenails and removing the thickened skin from the soles. The treatment ends with nail varnishing with hybrid varnish.

Price list

  1. 120 zł

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