Eye frame care

Eye frame care

Give yourself the eyelashes you've always dreamed of. The treatment consists in sticking individual eyelashes made of silk protein to each of your natural ones. Thanks to this, you get an effect that cannot be matched by any mascara. At the same time, you have complete psychological comfort, because you no longer have to worry about blurry eyes, streaks or lumps…

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Styling eyebrows and eyelashes

Eyelash and eyebrow painting treatment with henna. The great advantage of this treatment is its durability. Thanks to the range of colors available on the henna market, we can choose the color individually to the skin tone and hair color. Thanks to the treatment, we can take a bath, use the sauna without fear that the color of eyebrows and eyelashes will drain under the influence of external factors, as in the case of makeup cosmetics. The eyebrow care treatment supplemented with the brow arch regulation allows you to enjoy the flawless appearance of the eyebrows for about 3-4 weeks.


  1. Eyebrow henna with eyebrow regulation 25 PLN
  2. Eyelashes henna 10 PLN
  3. Henna of eyebrows and eyelashes + brow arch regulation 40 PLN
  4. Eyebrow adjustment PLN 15
  5. Eyebrow henna 15 PLN

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