Biological manicure

Removal of cuticles with special preparations and a stick, without cutting them with clippers, filing the nails and massaging the nourishing cream into the skin of the hands.

Price list

  1. 30 ZŁ

Classic manicure

Nursing treatment including shortening and filing the nails together with painting the nail plate and application of a nourishing hand cream.

Price list

  1. 40 ZŁ

Japanese manicure

During the treatment, nutrients are rubbed into the nail plate to obtain a healthy and beautiful appearance of the nails. The aim of the treatment is to nourish, regenerate and strengthen weak, split and brittle nails. Japanese manicure is based only on natural ingredients, which are: • bee pollen • creatine • vitamin A and E • Japanese Sea silica The above ingredients that are massaged into the nail plate not only moisturize, but also make the nails look healthy.

Price list

  1. 55 ZŁ

Hybrid manicure

Hybrid manicure is one of the latest trends in nail styling, addressed mainly to women who appreciate naturalness and long-lasting effect. Its biggest advantage is durability lasting up to 2 - 3 weeks.

Price list

  1. 70 zł

IBX nail reconstruction system

The IBX system was created to protect natural nails and strengthen them from the inside. If your nails - are damaged from long-term wearing of gel styling / tips, they are weak and thin as paper, they split and peel, have white spots, have furrows, have any damage, are still short and you cannot grow them because they are brittle and flaky. they keep breaking - IBX treatment is for you!

Price list

  1. 40 zł

Gel nail styling

A nail styling treatment that allows you to extend and strengthen short or weak and brittle nails by applying a gel mass. Nail extension up to 50% of the length of the natural plate is the optimal length and safe for the nail plate. The nails covered with gel mass are thicker and harder than in the above-mentioned nail styling, i.e. hybrid manicure. The gel stylization made should be supplemented every 3 weeks to prevent air pockets and to prevent excessive stress on the nails.

Price list

  1. Przedłużenie paznokci żelem na formie 120 ZŁ
  2. Uzupełnienie paznokci żelem do 3 tygodni 90 ZŁ
  3. Nałożenie żelu na naturalną płytkę paznokci 80 ZL

Hand paraffin treatment

Removal of dead skin during a peeling massage, then applying a mask / cream with ingredients suitable for the type of hand skin and making a paraffin bath, which will create a kind of occlusion, thanks to which the active ingredients contained in the care preparation will migrate more easily into the deeper layers of the epidermis.

Efekty po zabiegu:

  1. wygładzenie i zregenerowanie dłoni, odżywienie intensywne nawilżenie skóry
  2. rozjaśnienie przebarwień, poprawa krążenia oraz dotlenienia tkanek

Price list

  1. 40 zł

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